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Embodied Empowerment: A Panel Event on Dance Transforming Lives

Martha Graham Company building, Westbeth studio

55 Bethune Street New York, NY 10014

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Event Description

Dance is a powerful mode of communication, healing, empowerment, and building peace. Across the worlds of art, international development, and peace building, more individuals and organizations are using dance as a catalyst for individual, community, and social change than ever before.

Through the Embodied Empowerment panel event, we seek to more firmly bridge these sectors while bringing together leaders in the field utilizing dance as psychosocial rehabilitation, healing, and empowerment for survivors of trauma and violence. Keeping the topic of dialogue specific, we can pinpoint exactly how dance and movement are being used effectively in diverse contexts to help individuals transform their own lives.

Highly experienced and passionate panelists will help us explore how and why dance and movement are such powerful tools through the lenses of psychology, neuroscience, trauma theory, conflict resolution, performance, and human rights.
We will more deeply understand how dance positively benefits the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional skills of individuals, how dance and movement can be more widely utilized in international development and peace building initiatives, and engage with the question of how more dancers can use their skill to become involved and perpetuate positive change.

Embodied Empowerment will be free and open to all but a suggested donation of $10 will directly support the work of Kolkata Sanved and the Community Action program by Gibney Dance. Thank you for considering making a contribution and supporting this inspiring work.
This event is organized by Free Body Project.

Map of Event Location
Thursday, June 18th, 2015 6:00 pm –  9:00 pm